Yoga and Beauty

When I’m not teaching yoga, when I’m active for the Yoga for All e.V. association or when I take care of my family, I write about cosmetics. A girl’s dream come true late, because as a child I was never allowed to play with Barbie dolls, so I climbed trees and played dodgeball. Today I’m mistress of an empire of six sideboards full of creams, lotions, lipsticks, eye shadows, anti-aging serum and celluite destroyers.

I love to read the texts on the new miracle weapons against wrinkles, pigmentation marks, stretch marks and sagging facial contours. Sensational, what skin research brings us. Every time I regret that I never paid attention to chemistry at school. That’s all incredibly exciting. So much for the beauty editor and her penchant for galenics and wrinkle fillers. The yoga teacher breathes deeply into her stomach and concentrates on her highest self. That doesn’t need tightening polymers. It shines from within and transforms every wrinkle into a mysterious reference to life behind the outer shell. When it is truly connected.

Beauty from within

I am not yet so far into yoga that I could always smile wisely about the changes in my outer shell. However, as I practice yoga, meditate daily, and walk through everyday life with care, I find that these changes interest me less and less. In such a phase I was invited to listen to a lecture on ‘happiness and relaxation’ by Swami Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. At the beginning of the 90s he founded the organisation ‘Art of Living’, which is now one of the largest NGOs in the world. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, not to be confused with the famous musician, is a regular guest at the UNO and with heads of government. As a yogini who is completely on her own, I was not impressed by these facts. I was interested in what he would say about happiness and relaxation.

Nobody wants to be old – a pity

As one would expect from a real guru, the Swami (religious teacher) appeared in white, the breast-length hair open and smiling. His face is age-less smooth, even though he is 56, runs a giant organization and flies constantly through the world. Quite fast he had cracked the stiff Hamburg audience by direct questions. Then he asked who was old in the hall. The average age of the 100 listeners was somewhere around 55 – I’ll stay under it for another four years. My arm nevertheless went up. As the only one. When asked who was young in the hall, 80 percent of the arms went up. Being young is the highest thing in our society. I immediately thought of all the methods of aesthetic dermatology and surgery with which people want to preserve their youth optically. The skin is scratched with mini needles to form new, firmer tissue. The skin is heated to such an extent that it is forced to repair itself. The market for subcutaneously injected wrinkle fillers is booming. And with creams that bring back the Glow, that radiance that a seventeen-year-old smooth skin automatically has because it completely reflects the light.

Being old is beautiful

As my mind wanders along the shelves of the luxury perfumeries, I hear the Swami say: “Getting old is beautiful. To be old is beautiful. The mind becomes calmer, you come to yourself more easily, you know what you want. Meditate and you will begin to shine from within. The more you are with yourself, the more you will shine. Then you will have honey in your heart and the butterflies will all come to you”. Honey in your heart – that sounds like esoteric poetry. But anyone who has ever felt it knows that it is wonderful to have honey in one’s heart or to know people for whom it is so. We feel comfortable with these people. They let us grow, they give us energy. And that was the Swami’s second replacement hammer that evening: “When your energy is high, your problems are small. If your energy is low, the problems are big. That’s how it is with depression. That’s how it is when we resist aging and feel that every fold is a disaster, a beacon of social ostracism. When we let ourselves be drawn to energy by the ideals of beauty. Then cellulite is a problem. But when I feel alive, feminine, soft and healthy, people will see me that way. Because we get what we radiate. That is resonance.

Beautiful through meditation – thanks to biochemistry

The greatest possible radiance, the most radiant Glow gives us no cosmetics. Skin care is good and important. Applied together with meditation, such a moisturizing cream is even more effective. Because meditation calms the mind, which permanently prevents us from being ourselves. Because it shoots us with information from outside. With Demands – Remove the wrinkles/hairs on the legs/gray hair. With criticism – You are too thick/thin/large/small. With beliefs – I can’t do that / I can’t do that. And we have everything in us that we need. In Yoga we learn to connect with our creative core in which we are divine. Divine in the sense that everything is possible. For example, to radiate, to be beautiful. Because we are one with the universal power. If we are in flow with it, yoga becomes pure biochemistry: Our hormone system is well balanced, the nervous system also, the oxidation process slows down because we breathe more calmly, we smile automatically, we straighten up and thus throw our own psycho-physiological fountain of youth at us. The method: Meditation.

Meditation practical – in three minutes

How does meditation work? Set a timer to 3 minutes. Sit on the front edge of a chair. Both feet stand with the entire sole of the foot on the floor. Your hands rest on your thighs. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And out. Feel your seat bumps on the chair. Keep breathing calmly. Look at the point between your eyebrows. When you inhale, think Sat, when you exhale Nam. Sat Nam, true identity. Just let all thoughts that come move on, think Sat Nam.

You do that every day. For a week. Your spirit will try to sabotage you. Smile at him. He means well, he doesn’t know any better. But you write to me. Write me what you have experienced. Or write it for yourself in a booklet. And then increase the meditation to 7 minutes daily. Pay attention to the Glow – they will talk to you about it.