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Webfontday in München

The first german Webfontday will take place on November 13th in Munich. The Typographische Gesellschaft München is organizing the event:

Die tgm hat zahlreiche namhafte Experten eingeladen, um die erste Konferenz zum Thema »Webfonts« auszurichten. Einen Tag lang werden Sie Gelegenheit haben, wertvolle Einblicke rund um das Thema zu sammeln. Die Bandbreite der Vorträge wird dabei sowohl technische als auch gestalterische Fragestellungen berücksichtigen, eine Podiumsdiskussion bietet das nötige Diskussionsforum.

( english translation )

I’m having the honor to represent the Google Web Font team and to do a presentation about the Google Font Directory. This is the first conference that I’m aware of that is dedicated exclusively to web fonts and other speakers include Bryan Mason of typekit.com and Jörg Schweinsberg of Linotype.

Sign up here: http://www.webfontday.de/content/anmeldung

Oh, and If you want to keep track of the latest news about the Font Directory we’ve just launched the web font blog here: http://googlewebfonts.blogspot.com/


Google IO: bringing webfonts to your site

After last week’s HTML5 session video from Google IO now the video from the session in which the font API was originally released is online. The session was called “Bringing Google to your site” and webfonts are featured from minute 37:30


All about webfonts

Since we released the Google font directory last wednesday the response has be nothing short of amazing. Twitter was going crazy and everyone from CNN to Mr. Zeldman himself have reported about it.

What’s especially great to see is that people are already using it on their websites and what’s more, creating plugins and howtos about it. These are just a few:

And if you’re not a reading person and would rather sit back and watch a video about the font directory you can do that as well: