Slim through Meditation: How to lose weight successfully and easily

The positive effect of meditation has already been proven by numerous studies. But mostly it was about stress reduction, the fight against depression or sleep problems. But now experts prove that the eastern relaxation method has a large influence also in puncto Fitness and weight reduction!

In this article we shall examin the benefits of mediation for weight reduction. We all know about the diet pills like Chocolate Slim, but what about the inner strength, can it be used to help reduce the weight effectively?

An end to unhealthy cravings

A team from Wageningen University in the Netherlands studied 400 meditators for over two years. The scientists found out that over time they had learned to recognise whether they were really hungry or simply fancy chocolate and the like. Her conclusion: Meditation helps to find out what you really need at a certain moment. The technique strengthens self-confidence and self-control – one of the most important factors in changing eating habits in the long run. The expert tip: If you are hungry for a few minutes, turn off the environment and start a relaxing meditation listening program.

No more frustrations

Several studies from France and America have now shown how important it is to train body and mind with methods such as meditation or yoga: At the renowned Brown University 394 people were examined. For those who lived carelessly into the day, the chance of being overweight was 34 percent higher than for those who regularly focus on arriving in the here and now. According to a study by Cornell University, this group has an increased ability to listen to their feelings and physical needs. Emotional problems are recognized and analyzed, eating attacks from frustration or stress are prevented thereby!

The fountain of youth in your head

A team of researchers from the University of California tested a group of elderly people: half of the participants did daily brain training under guidance, the other half focused on yoga and meditation. After three months, the meditation group was clearly mentally rejuvenated compared to the others! Their memory worked better, their thinking faster, they were more optimistic. An international group of researchers found that the brains of people who meditate regularly were on average seven years younger than their bodies.

Test the 3-minute exercise!

Use the following meditation to familiarize yourself with this form of relaxation:

Find a quiet place for the next three minutes. Sit upright and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths at the beginning and then go to a feel-good place – maybe your garden, a palm-fringed beach, a mountain top… Pay attention to what is happening in your body. Perceive everything without judging it. Stick with your attention to your breath. It flows calmly and steadily through your body.

Your thoughts will try again and again to gain your attention. Let them move on by not picking them up and concentrating on your breath again instead. It is about learning again to distinguish what your body needs – and not what it wants. This technique helps you to come down especially in stressful phases and not to make any quick decisions.