Meditation and Nutrition

Meditation has been used all across the globe as a means of reducing stress and increasing overall well-being. Many Yogi experts believe that any form of activity free from distraction can be classified as meditation. There are a variety of different forms of mediation practices, one in particular involves awareness of sensation which encompasses mindful eating. A big part of mindful eating is eating awareness and more studies have shown that being aware of what we eat is linked to nutrition and health benefits.

We decide daily what we’re going to put into our bodies but more than often that decision is not conscious. By applying mindfulness to that process we’ll in turn make better food choices. Giving more thought to what we consume will overall improve our health. Research has shown that simply being more aware and changing what we eat might be the key to a wide range of health parameters such as diabetes, binge eating, and weight management.

Fully grasping mindful eating can take time but there are things you can do to help the process. Eating your food slowly, learning your physical hunger cues, noticing the effect food has on your body, and knowing your triggers that makes you want to eat. These are just a few steps that can help when practicing mindful eating by taking the time to fully understand your body.

By choosing to eat your food slowly, you are giving your body and mind time to process what it needs for nutrition. Most of the time we tend to distract ourselves with other things while eating which leads to unconsciously overeating. So by slowing down, our mind and body is given a chance to catch up with one another and able to let us know when we are satisfied. Simple things such as chewing slowly, putting the fork down between each bite, and sitting down to eat can help.

Often times we tend to listen to our minds first and choose to eat when we get emotional signals. Those emotional signals can be different for each of us but examples of them can be things such as stress, frustration, sadness, being bored, etc. But by tuning into our bodies first we tend to discover more wisdom. True mindful eating is being well in tuned with ones body and truly knowing our body’s hunger signals.

Our busy lives tend to prevent us from taking the time to make sound choices so we’ve become less attentive to what we put into our bodies. We’ve become so accustomed to eating for convenience that we don’t always pick foods that really nourish our body and soul. When you take the time to truly experience the food that you are eating, you are more likely to become truly nourished and satisfied.

While mindful eating takes a bit of practice, it is a powerful tool to regain back your nutrition. There will be times that you might forget but with plenty of practice and patience you’ll become a natural.