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Slim through Meditation: How to lose weight successfully and easily

The positive effect of meditation has already been proven by numerous studies. But mostly it was about stress reduction, the fight against depression or sleep problems. But now experts prove that the eastern relaxation method has a large influence also in puncto Fitness and weight reduction! In this article we shall examin the benefits of

Meditation and Nutrition

Meditation has been used all across the globe as a means of reducing stress and increasing overall well-being. Many Yogi experts believe that any form of activity free from distraction can be classified as meditation. There are a variety of different forms of mediation practices, one in particular involves awareness of sensation which encompasses mindful

Meditation for beginners – 15 practical tips to calm the mind

Meditation is a wonderful exercise to teach the mind to fully concentrate on one thing. Many people try meditation at some point. But especially as a beginner it is difficult to just sit and watch the breath. And unfortunately most of them stop after a short time, because they don’t notice any success. This is